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Following the Bridges across Borders Conference organised by the International Trade Centre and various African service sector associations in October 2008 which aimed to highlight internationally agreed outsourceable service requirements and offerings from an African perspective as well as allow national service associations network, exchange market information and promote partnerships, the need to have a formal Nigerian representative Outsourcing association was borne.
The conference highlighted the need to ensure African countries were positioned to create a competitive business environment so that local providers could take advantage of the global BPO/ITO trend.
To this end and following the confirmed interest of various individuals and organisations present at the association the road towards the registration of Nigeria’s outsourcing association began.
Association of Outsourcing Professionals of Nigeria (‘AOPN’) was registered in 2009 and is the only recognised association of outsourcers  in Nigeria by the African Outsourcing Association (AOA)
Though AOPN is a not for profit organisation, nonetheless, it is an extended enterprise platform that both local and global companies (Outsourcing service buyer) can select/combine services provided by AOPN members towards resolving business challenges at the right quality and cost.

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