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Association For Outsourcing Professionals Of Nigeria (AOPN) was born out of many stakeholders discussion on the need to develop the Nigeria Business Process Outsourcing Industry in Nigeria because Trade in Services is an undeveloped sector of the Nigerian economy and it is considered the duty of professionals in this sector to guide the nation unto the path of sound concepts, policies, planning and implementation of development tasks for this sector.

The Essence of AOPN is to deliver services that people need and want at a competitive cost, quality and timeliness.

Therefore AOPN is strategically focused on creating a unified voice for outsourcing professionals in Nigeria towards harnessing the potentials yet untapped in Nigeria outsourcing market and beyond towards delivering timely noncore business services to businesses that need them at a competitive cost and quality.

The AOPN E-Verify


The AOPN E-verify is the latest contribution of the Association of Outsourcing Professionals Of Nigeria to enhancing Human Resource Management in Nigeria.
The website serves to track the employment history of new or prospective employees in order to verify if such new hires have been previously involved in dubious activities. The AOPN eVerify is made possible by the collaborative and cooperative efforts of member organisations and nonmember companies that provide necessary information about their employees when they are dismissed for unscrupulous activities after the organisation has carried out its investigation.

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